i want to go to there

Jayson Home and Garden is one of those places I could get lost in. I can’t go there with my kids (or my husband for that matter..) I need time with a capital T. Every little thing is so good. Reason number 2,089 to love the Midwest and Chicago in particular. I said before it needed its own post so here’s what I’d bring home with me if I could.

Um yeah.. just throw everything on the cover of the spring catalog in the car, thanks. The abstract art with lots of blue, the green tufted ottoman from heaven (with gold mirrored base!), the pendant fixture that is dark and asymmetrical, the rug and console table.. yup all of it


But don’t stop there. How about this beauty?


And I’d love to have this for my vanity in my room. It’d be so glamorous getting ready in the morning with kids climbing in my lap and spilling my coffee..


Oh John Derian you saucy minx.. plus its seashells


And you big chunk of amethyst.. you come too. I mean you might just be a dust collector but you are a pretty one at that.



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