not funny ‘ha ha’

I like a sense of humor in my architecture. I remembered this when a Carlos Arroyo project crossed my path last week. His work is so whimsical and unafraid. It makes me happy just looking at it.


I love the project for the O Museum by Kazuyo Sejima (I think this was before Sanaa? Certainly before the Pritzker Prize..) It’s in a wooded area and they screen printed trees the glass.


I have always thought that the stack of little ‘house’ shapes that Herzog and deMeuron assembled for the Vitra campus is kind of cheeky. (Photo from dezeen)

And Klein Dytham is just the best. They are two British architects who have worked in Tokyo for many years and their work is so good. I suppose because Tokyo is more willing to have fun and take risks with their built environment they can get away with more, but its still not easy to pull of the kind of inspired projects that they build. I couldn’t pick just one project so here are two. The leaf chapel sits on a small pond and the roof is perforated to look like flowers. Amazing.


And then coincidentally (?) they have another project on a very small urban site that also has trees fritted on the glass


toy architecture 2


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