stuff i want – grown and sexy furniture edition

After my middle child peed on our couch this weekend, I started dreaming about the future couch replacement. I am definitely thinking a dusty pink velvet number like this one from Dmitriy & Co. via Remodelista will fit the bill for my grown up (and teenage children) couch.



And as long as were going pink velvet might as well throw this Kelly Wearstler chair in there. I love this for my bedroom.

pink chair


I need a new bed. We have a nice four poster kind of modern number from CB2 from ages ago but it doesn’t have a proper headboard and it makes for a lot of pillow stacking to read at night. I can’t wait to swap it out for something like this beauty from Anthropologie (via sfgirlbybay) although it looks like they only have ivory and it used to be available in black which is better and less cutesy. (Also I spy some caning on that bed frame.. )



And as long as I’m spending my imaginary megamillions ticket I’ll swap out my dining chairs for the Prouve chairs I have always loved




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