Trend spotting – freestanding fireplaces

Its a weird time of year to be thinking about fireplaces certainly.. it finally got to feeling like summer here yesterday. I had to turn on the A/C last night because I just cant sleep when its too warm. But regardless I’m noticing a lot of killer rooms with freestanding fireplaces and stoves popping up and I have had it in my mind that Id love to add one to our living room at some point. Anyone who knows about residential code and venting requirements in Evanston, get at me. Until then..

These two posts have turned up on Remodelista in the past two days and I love them both even though they each have a very different feel. I like the sleekness of the first pic especially in contrast to the hip camp cabin aesthetic in the second one. (one and two)

fireplace 1



And then this post, also on Remodelista, made me think of this way back when. The feel of this living room is similar to my own (although we dont have the wood paneling..) but it feels a little bit cozy and also modern. I also love the little pile of river stones that the fireplace hovers over…


And then there’s this (from Blood and Champagne) which is nice because it feels like this space would be too light without the anchor of the dark stove



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