potty party

My youngest child has taken a step back in potty training for some unknown reason but now I am spending an inordinate amount of time in both of our tiny bathrooms and its making me think about my dream bathroom.. someplace Mom can sit and be happy even while we unroll all the toilet paper onto the floor

Now this is what I’m talking about.. Maybe I’ll just take over the kids bedrooms and turn most of the upstairs into a large lounge / bathroom.. chairs and rugs and plants please (via apartment therapy)

couch bathroom


We stayed in room 04 once at Longman and Eagle which is killer and I am in love with the sink and vanity in that room.. the wood fancy mirror with the straight modern white sink. I am trying to replicate this in our tiny upstairs bathroom and its not working that well so far…

longman bathroom


Maybe Ill aim for jungle bathroom instead (via Elle Decor)

jungle bathroom




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