the library

I have seen these renderings of Herzog and deMeuron’s Israeli National Library and they are breathtaking. The building itself is fairly simple but as with all of their work the details and spaces are beautiful.


It got me thinking about libraries. In the lottery house (once I finally get the winning powerball ticket) I want to have a separate library and reading room. What a luxury that would be. This is the James Bond, rich bitch, brutalist library of my dreams. (via remodelista). The couch, the chairs, the concrete… I die.



This one is my hippy crunchy dream library for when I retire from my career as an art professor. (via design sponge)


And this one already showed up in another post but I thought it bared repeating.



4 thoughts on “the library

  1. I like them in the exact order of your post. First, “SUBLIME!”; then “ok, cozy”; then, “wait, my vertigo is kicking in!”


  2. Marc -all the furniture in that photo destroys me… Mom – the last one is over the top but that’s kind of it’s charm.. It doesn’t give a f$&@


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