living rooms by architects – minimal edition

Although each of these rooms is lovely, they are all for pretty severe minimalists. Maybe I love them more because I admire the restraint and vigilance it would take to achieve this in a space you live in daily… And because it’s so far from my own house. My house is full of stuff. My stuff. Kid stuff. Plants and stuff. Julio’s stuff. I have no idea how I would possibly edit it down to this type of rare simplicity. Whether you love them or hate them.. they are certainly interesting.

John Pawson probably doesn’t own any photos of his friends and family. Although I believe this living space was in some type of meditation retreat house… so sparse clean lined minimalism is probably serving a higher purpose. (via yellowtrace) Also.. bonus freestanding fireplace


Of course Mies VanDerRohe is the king of not allowing people to have stuff. There’s no fingerpainting (or even reading or magazine flipping) in the Farnsworth house…


And lastly Todd Williams and Billie Tsien designed this living room and while its a little cozier than the other two its still pretty finely edited. (via arch digest)



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