stairways to heaven

There are some new museums this summer with stairs that are breathtaking.

First up is obviously the cool kids, Snohetta, with the atrium and stair in the new MOMA in San Francisco. This whole building is so fun and this shot in particular has such a levity to it.. I like that it feels ‘not too serious’ even though it is the height of the architectural universe right now. The stripey socks on the columns, the wood object-ness of the stair itself, the bright openness of the round white walls above.. I just love all of it and how it all plays together. (photo via the thrillist)


We were just talking about Herzog and deMueron and their stunning library last week but their  the Tate Modern Switch House opened recently and it has a stair worth some love also. I am a big fan girl of theirs in general so I am always following their work but I think these are a nice contrast to the SFMOMA. They are weighty and envelope you but are still wonderful and demand your attention. (photos via Dezeen)



And while we’re on the topic, the stair in the DeYoung Museum (by Herzog and deMueron like the Tate stair but in San Francisco like the MOMA) are gorgeous. They’re not new like the other two but they bare mention here too. The other two are enclosed and turn inward just as this one connects you to the outside. photo from Pinterest



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