two-toned kitchens

This trend is not new but I really enjoy it and it seems to be going strong. I posted a really great one a while back but I thought the two toned kitchen cabinets deserved their own post.

I mean this is a little over the top but fun. Can you imagine cleaning the finger prints off of these though? Clearly they have cleaning people. Also I guess this is actually a three toned kitchen but still.. The high marble backsplash is lovely. (via apartment therapy)



This is a classic. I think it one kitchen of the year on Remodelista a year or two ago. Again with the high marble backsplash. I love the tile in the back of the dark upper cabinets.



This kitchen separates colors in different sides of the kitchen instead of uppers and lowers which is kind of interesting. For a small kitchen it doesn’t feel cramped or too busy. (via My Domaine) Also.. the floor.. drool worthy



And lastly.. I guess the high marble backsplash is like the unexpected all star support player here. The link I had for this picture doesn’t work anymore.. but it looks like it was an old Elle Decoration photo? I like that they went for two different shades of the same color.

ELLE Decoration 0313Ideer Kjøkken Favoritter
ELLE Decoration 0313 Ideer Kjøkken Favoritter

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