Eating and drinking

I know there are those color theory ideas that big restaurants and chains use… Like you will eat more  in a red room than any other color room etc. But I’d like to think I’d eat more in a well designed space than any other type of space. These are the three that have popped up lately that I want to visit regardless of whether the food is any good. 

This first one was on yellowtrace this week. Note the rattan chairs.. And that big neon bone on the wall. Lovely. And in a world of lots of those type of Sputnik pendant light fixtures that one really stands out. 

This one has a similar white and wood color palette happening that’s so soothing… But the white washed artifacts on the walls and double height space really take it to another level. (Via sfgirlbybay

This one has a much different vibe.. Much more glam. Love the blue and dusty pink. The shades of those colors are exactly right. (Via sfgirlbybay)


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