Stuff I want this week

So it’s new job week and I haven’t had time to think about blogging too much.. But still there’s stuff. The upside is stuff is fun. The other upside is I might get to flex my design muscle at the new job which will be good because it is no longer the six pack I used to dream if but more of a keg if you know what I mean..

Anyway into the stuff.. Did you know Karim Rashid designed a line of rugs for Lindstrom? Yeah well he did and they’re amazing. 

This poster is a big scratch off graphic of great American novels. I couldn’t love it more. Plus I can take it as a challenge..(via design milk)

Remember I told you rattan was a thing? It totally is. I’ll take this for our dining table.. It would be fun instead of chairs. (Via design milk)

And lastly how about this beautiful ceramic air freshener? It’s from Barneys and very pricey but rich people need good smells too


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