Under foot

When we bought our house the woman who owned it before us had a runner in the kitchen and at first I thought it was weird. But then when we moved in I bought a runner for it too and now I love it and I’m constantly noticing other kitchens with rugs popping up in my feed. It seems counterintuitive and dirty but so far it’s been fine. 

This is my favorite I think.. Of course with the ethnic-y rug… (via Blood and Champagne)

I think I should be embarrassed that I love so many things I find at urban outfitters (I think I’m 15 years older than their target audience at least..) but I’m not. This kitchen posted on their blog is so comfortable and un-fussy. 

This kitchen is so good.. It just turned up on Remodelista recently and as good as the white and wood thing is, the rug really makes it and keeps it looking like people actually live here and use this room. 


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