Sleepaway camp

I am not crazy about traveling. It’s expensive or uncomfortable and I’m a homebody so I’m more than happy to cozy up in my own crib and not ‘go’ anywhere. I know saying you don’t like to travel is like saying you don’t like puppies or Jesus (as an old friend put it) but it’s how I am. Lately there have been a few hotel bedrooms to come through my feed that are good enough to either make a special trip, or change your own bedroom to follow suit. 

The mix of pale pink and navy in the guest rooms at 11 Howard  is perfect. It makes me want to pull the trigger on pale pink sheets and navy drapes for my own room. Via design milk 

I know plywood is the cool kid interior material but it’s not usually my thing. Big the light fixture and paint job here really turn it up. (Via wallpaper

And how about the wall covering behind the bed here? Via Remodelista



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