Art I bought, art I want

It’s already the end of August. Wolf goes back to school on Wednesday this week. It’s practically fall which means my anniversary and birthday are right around the corner. So I was really doing Julio a solid by getting myself a present and taking the pressure off of him. 

Patrick Dunaway has original works on show at Shop Esqueleto in LA and I spent a week trying not to buy anything but I eventually couldn’t resist this piece. It’s in its way to me now. I am heart eyes emoji over it. 

As long as we’re talking Esquelteo I might as well mention this MQuan ceramics piece I am dying for.. 

Sfgirlbybay posted a while back about these posters on etsy based on Wes Anderson movies and I love the Royal Tennenbaums one.. One of my favorite all time movies. 

And on a similar pop culture poster note.. I am really into this poster for the 2017 Twin Peaks reboot.. The graphics alone are beautiful and I love the colors but the fact that it’s for twin peaks is the cherry on top of the Sunday. Design milk had a few other nice posters as well..


2 thoughts on “Art I bought, art I want

  1. Yeah I dont know what the sumbolism means either and that was my major hold up with it.. Like what are the fish in the tree about exactly? But after sleeping on it for like a week I realized if someone else bought it I might freak out. There was another one with two skeletons, one wearing a cardigan holding an axe and the other one holding a feather, that was a close runner up.


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