Stuff I want -commune for west elm edition 

It’s about time we get to this line Commune did for west elm..  

I know copper was really a thing last year but for whatever reason it just didn’t stick for me. I am a gold toned hardware person and the rose gold and pinky copper stuff just doesn’t normally light me up. But for some reason this mirror is just right and I really want to get it for my bathroom. 

This ottoman is so perfect. Love the wood. Love the triangular feet. Love all of it. It is making me reconsider whether to recover out ottoman or just replace it. 

There is no room for a coffee table AND an ottoman in our living room but if we were to forgo the ottoman this table would do nicely. Really good proportions and the black marble top and wood base combo is lovely. 

And last but not least the lamp on the right please. 


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