Interiors by a jewelry designer, jewelry by an architect 

My woman crush Wednesday goes out to two bad bitches who understand design at many scales and disciplines. 

Sophie Buhai is a jewelry designer who makes a pair of earrings that have been haunting me for more than a year. That sounds ridiculous, especially coming from me since I usually cave and buy whatever it is if I am this crazy about something. But they aren’t cheap. And they’re silver which isn’t my metal and I haven’t been able to spend the money on silver… yet.  Nonetheless.. All of her pieces lovely, organic but clean, perfect proportions and shapes. I die. 

So then I go to her site and see a link for ‘interiors’. Um.. What now? And of course it’s as gorgeous and thoughtful as her jewelry. I mean.. Rooms I could die in. 

And then I spotted a jewelry line by Zaha Hadid for Georg Jensen on design milk and lordy.. It stopped me in my tracks. This stuff is very different than Sophie Buhai.. Zoomy and fluid.. But still perfect in proportion. And it’s like they were picking materials just for me with the black rhodium and black diamonds. Again.. I die. 

I’ve already posted my fan girl dedication to Zaha and her architecture needs no preface. 

Both are women whose work makes me feel excited about design and what is possible at different scales and in different media. They make me excited to be a woman designer and make me want to do better and dream bigger. 


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