Most regrammable of the week

Herzog and deMeuron were one of the first star-chitects I really fell in love with in school. Like even Zaha was too zoomy for me at first but H and deM’s brand of modern minimalism was right up my alley. Their work has gotten more formally adventurous but I am always impressed with their solutions and spaces. Their new philharmonic building is no exception. I actually gasped when I saw this on the gram. 

Then Sophie Buhai posted a pic of her Paris showroom that looked deep into my soul. 

I wasn’t sure this wasn’t a rendering when I first saw it.. but it’s an actual park covered in pink rubber by Bjarke Ingeks group. Doin it real BIG. 

And this is just about my perfect dining room. The black framed rattan chairs are killing it. And the chandelier. And big abstract art. 


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