Freestanding fireplace redux

I wrote a weirdly longing post about freestanding fireplaces just when summer was coming on but now I’m really ready for all the toasty cozy fireplaces now that there’s finally a chill to the air. Plus my friend Claire is probably going to have a freestanding one in her new farmhouse so it’s been on my radar. 

This one is my most favorite recently. I aspire to have a clean edited living room like this. We’re not there but maybe at some point. Also we’re tv people so that kind of kills the vibe. But still. I love the hanging fireplace. Via my Scandinavian home

This one is fun in a real hippie lounge kind of way. Must be nice to start with a beamed ceilinv like that and I like that the fireplace itself is kind of squared off in contrast to all the organic elements around it. Via el mueble

This one is really surf shack and not as fall cozy but it still works. From sfgirlbybay


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