Belly up to the bar

Three very different bars have popped up lately that all have me smitten for different reasons. 
I mean this is so good. The cognac color of the leather on the banquette and chairs and then the finish of the metal on the bar plus the paper bag looking light fixtures on the shiny black soffit.. the different textures all play so nicely and make the space feel very luxurious even with a simple palette. Love it. From yellowtrace

Then there’s this simple but playful space.. my favorite bit is the perfect mint green of the bentwood bar stools but after studying it for a minute there are lots of good things happening with the tile on the floor and the finish of the bar itself too. Via remodelista

And lastly this hotel bar in Charlestown is a show stopper. The entire hotel is gorgeous and a bunch of other spaces will probably turn up later in but yeah.. I mean when in doubt solid gold. Love the gold reveal in the wood wall around the openings to the sides. From wallpaper


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