Entryway chaos and most wanted art

Our entryway is so small you can touch all three walls standing in the middle. It’s nice to have a little closet but it definitely doesn’t hold all the things and sometimes I daydream about knocking it out and just doing more hooks and a bench. But for now… 

I finally pulled the trigger on one of MQuan Studio’s beautiful little ceramic bells for our door. I’d love to just have everything she makes but for the time being the bell will have to do. When I have a bigger budget it’ll be this beauty for above the couch. 

Our wreath is from Terrain and the artwork on the CB2 shelf is Jennifer Sanchez for 20×200. I love Jennifer Sanchez and follow her like crazy and have a few prints of hers. I am eyeing a small original painting of hers on Etsy too.. 

The basket of shame is from West Elm and at some point I’d like to upgrade our wall hooks to the Eames hang all but right now it’s 8$ wall hooks from Amazon. 

I’d also like another little kilim for the floor there but the rug we have there now gets so much abuse it’s hard to spend money on anything for that spot. 

And since this post is all over the place and veered into art I want, here’s a beautiful print by Jamie Rovenstine. I am obsessing over some of her original paintings too but this would look good on the wall going up my stairs just to the right of the entryway pic. 


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