This one’s for all the marbles

We replaced the vanity and toilet and floor tile and mirror in our only full bath but the shower still makes me feel bad about myself, I don't even hate the pink tub or the 80s era pink tile that much but the grout is gross and our shower fixtures are gross and 80s but not in a fun retro Golden Girls way at all. Are you really supposed to seal your grout every few years? Asking for a friend.

Anyway I had thought we'd put off re-tiling and changing the shower fixtures for a long while because it's our only shower etc. but I'm starting to wonder how long I can wait. If I could start tomorrow and had unlimited funds I'd be doing marble with big swirly grain that would be a huge problem for resale like this.

I mean our tub is already pink and I don't think we'd necessarily replace it. Pics from yellowtrace

The CCS architecture bathroom that made the Remodelista design awards is killer. Love that sink beyond words and I think we already have that duravit Starck toilet.

Also of course Kelly Wearstler has been on this corner forever. Of course this one is over the top brass and marble everything but the reason I love her is because I know what to expect.


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