Stuff I want this week

Heyyyyyy long time no blog. But there is just so much stuff I’m dying for right now I thought I’d update.

I have an awesome ceramic totem lady by Heidi Anderson and I am seriously side eyeing this drawing she has in her shop right now.

This rattan nightstand might be one hippie stroke too many for my house but I still love it. Good work CB2

This is the big one. I put it in my cart but I’m afraid of blowing the budget for it. I’m trying to be excited about saving but it’s not my strong suit. The block shop ladies are amazing and I want to just buy one of everything on their site from pillows to prints to scarves but their rugs are spectacular.

Everything in this picture is dreamy but that headboard is heart eyes emoji. I looked it up and it is well outside of my dream budget, let alone my ‘excited about saving’ budget but maybe I’ll get a lottery ticket and see what happens.


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